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Peace of mind
You know, this sounds really mushy-gushy and New Agey, but hate is just such a pointless thing. People will do bad things, maybe even terrible things, but most of the time, the things they do are totally understandable, when you look at who that person is, their situation, their context. Everyone may not be created equal, but no one was ever created perfect, either. We all have our flaws to overcome and our own crap to deal with, and sure, we make mistakes, but ultimately, most people are just trying their best.

I don't know. But the more I look at someone's situation and the stakes for them, the less able I am to look negatively at them or judge them.
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You know, I'm realizing that too. More and more it's like every person is like is one of my special ed students. They just can't help the way they are - their home lives are broken, chemical imbalances, bad experiences, certain disabilities - I mean, everyone is a little broken.

As always I'm listing my unsolicited opinion :)

I think it's true, hate is stupid and pointless... and human, nonetheless :)

I'm not sure I agree though with "most people are trying their best" - I think "most people are trying their best to *", where "*" could mean being successful, saving money, having nice houses, traveling, etc. However, someone trying hard to save money or become very successful will likely not be very engaged in helping others, for example. How many say they care/feel sorry about the starving kids in Africa? Probably almost everybody. How many do something about it?... Would the problem be greatly reduced if each person who claims to care would give $100 per month to those communities?

I think I read in some psych article that people try (in theory) to be good, and even when doing bad things (say stealing), they focus on the positive aspect - that it's good *for them*.
Does this make them a good person? I don't think so. Of course, realizing where they come from helps a lot to understand that person/situation. However, it doesn't mean I'll want to interact with them again.

I guess what I was trying to say is - "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".

I'm glad you found your peace. =) Hate is such a strong word, once you know someone you understand their circumstances.

One caveat: You can rationalize nearly all negative acts if you examine the underlying motive. This might lead to acceptance of everything, regardless of the ends or the means. Right and wrong exist and too much tolerance can erode the line.

aw, darn. i've been on facebook too much. i've been looking for the "like" button for this post.

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