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Step by step, we're getting there.

28 February 1990
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I'm a quirky geek with Ph.D-coloured dreams. When I grow up, I either want to be a professor or a Pokemon Master. My hair is a savage beast and I really don't like wanna-be intellectuals, the cereal dust at the bottom of the box or romantic comedies.

amuro namie, anime, apocalyptica, art, astronomy, bad puns, beauty, big bang theory, bubbles, bulbasaur, calvin and hobbes, cameron phillips, candy necklaces, captain jack, cardcaptor sakura, catherine weaver, cheese, chocolate, christianity, chrno crusade, clouds, cognitive psychology, computers, corsets, cromartie, dancing awkwardly, death cab for cutie, death note, derek reese, dinosaurs, diy, do as infinity, doodling, douglas adams, dr. horrible, drama, drawing, dungeons and dragons, eating, education, eel, emoticons, evanescence, final fantasy, firefly, flowers, food, forest, french, friends, full moon wo sagashite, fullmetal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, gameboy, god, graphic designing, hitomi yaida, hot gimmick, imadoki, indonesian, internet, james ellison, japan, japanese, jewelry, john connor, jpop, kingdom hearts, korean, kyle reese, languages, larp, learning, legend of zelda, libertarianism, life, lilies, mai kuraki, makeup, manga, mario 64, matsuura aya, mika nakashima, milk, mind, motivation, movies, my girl, names, naruto, nature, never give up!, nifty, nintendo 64, old movies, painting, paradise kiss, pens, photography, photoshop, pokemon, pokemon puzzle league, psychology, puzzles, reading, rikku, riley dawson, rose online, roses, rpg, sakamoto maaya, sarah connor, schooling system, scrubs, secret passageways, shiina ringo, shopping, silence of the lambs, singing badly, skip beat, sky, sock puppets, spanish, speed racer, star trek, stationery, sushi, t:scc, t:tscc, terminator, the daily show, the office, the sarah connor chronicles, top hats, utada hikaru, web design, websites, writing, writing in pen, xkcd, yuki kajiura, zelda