Step by step, we're getting there.

Blargh I feel frustrated. Cryptic entry, I know. But blargh. I wish I know what the heck I'm thinking.
It's probably just the same old story, on both ends.
*bangs head on desk*
I don't like shades of grey, I like black and white. D:

Cooking Dinner with Chantal! (tm)
STEP ONE: Find a block of cheese.
STEP TWO: Eat it.

You're done! :D

I'm glad I'm finally done all my midterms and I will actually have time to cook a proper meal now. @_@

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Am I odd?
 Being social is so hard. I find myself scheduling hang outs with less enthusiasm than when I schedule studying. @_@ I think there are like, 10 people I look forward to seeing. It's not that I dislike seeing other people, it's just that I've very neutral towards it. 
I'm such an introvert. XD


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Did my prof just play the 'all your base are belong to us' video?


Best. Class. Ever.
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The war begins
not amused
 There are so many little flies in our kitchen right now for no apparent reason. :/ 
I don't know much about entomology, but I'm going to assume that they don't like being sprayed with Windex.
It's on, flies. >:( I'm armed.

Writer's Block: Take the pain away
If you could say anything you want to the person who has hurt you most in life, what would it be? Did you ever confront them? Why or why not?

FALCOOOONNNN PUNCH! *insert violence here*

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 wdfhsdjkfskjbf sfhsahflas I have three midterms next week.
And my email inbox has now hit 200 unread emails.  O_o
And I am now a Research Assistant for two labs.
And am running two study groups.
And am in Psych Society.
And work every Saturday.
And yet I have still convinced myself I totally have time to start a graphics site, join a WPR and design Seventh Gear's myspace page. O_o

This is like high school allll over again. Why do I insist on killing myself with extracurriculars...?

Though very cooly, I may be able to get something called a Global Experience Certificate... As I have already done two of the three requirements without realizing it...? XD I just need to volunteer or co-op somewhere outside of North America sometime. :D 

Oh, and I'm actually gonna start making some entries frindz onli. 'Cause the world does not need to read my emoing. :D

Soooo, I definitely haven't posted in forever. But that's okay. :D
I've tried to keep up with commenting and whanotage, but I've been mostly failing. Sorry guys. D':
Life has been epic lately, which basically means I've been far too lazy busy to post. I like to think that's a good thing.

Today I was trapped in a parking lot on a city bus. The driver took a wrong turn and got struck vertically trying to reverse.
People were watching as our bus tried to shimmy out. XD
When we finally escaped ten minutes later, we all cheered and clapped for the bus driver. c: (Who was teh serious, btw. Apparently she did not see the humour in the situation.)

And my toes nails are green and black. And so are my finger nails. So pretty. :'D I hope I can resist the urge to chew them... My bad habit. :(

My basement at my mom's house flooded, thanks to the city's work on the waterline.
When I was little, my sister won me a giant panda plushie. It was down there, sitting on a mattressy-type thing.
When my mom discovered the flooding, the bear was floating on the mattress, safe and sound. He's a regular MacGyver.
Buuuut everything else was wrecked.
Including our heater. XD

So, my mom is staying at some friend's place and I'm at Dan's. Which is basically normal for me anyway, so it's no big deal. :3
Annnnd since everything in the basement is wrecked, including all the winter clothes stored down there, I get new winter boots, courtesy of insurance/the city! Awesome? YES. :D :D :D :D

 My external drive kicked the bucket. D:
It has de-evolved into a shiny paperweight.
And it had all my files on it 'cause I was upgrading to Windows 7!!!!11!!!!!!

I'm not too sad about most of files but... MY ROFL FOLDER WAS ON IT. ALL MY HILARIOUS IMAGES HAVE BEEN EATEN. D:

Now how will I amuse myself on the bus...? ;_;
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I love the taste of Windows 7 in the morning.
After so much silliness, I finally was able to install Windows 7. :D So far, so glorious. Vista never really urked me as much, but man, Windows 7 is purdy.
It makes me feel like I have a brand new laptop.
This is a good feeling. :D

I spend the whoooole weekend at Dan's house and it was chill and it was awesome. The only downside was sleeping in his basement which is kinda scary, but it was better than usual 'cause his sister didn't decide to blare ridiculously loud music at six am. (She's down-syndrome and really likes to bounce on her bouncy ball to loud music, notably to Collective Soul and Crazy Frog.)

Being back at school is awesome. It just makes everything so much better. I love learning. I'm doing a really good job so far of keeping on top of things too. I really want awesome marks this year, so I gotta work super hard, especially in Japanese. (IT'S DIFFICULT. O_O)

I got a job as a Research Assistant, too! Well, it's volunteer, but still. :) It's going to be so interesting, even if I'm just doing grunt work mostly. Inputting data, yay!
Basically the prof wants to research the mathematical developement of four-year-olds, so I'll be going around to daycares and running the tests. :)

Yep, life is awesome.


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