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Just something I've been thinking about.
 I'm starting to get why people get so worked up over Jesus. I mean, here's this dude, 100% perfect and pure, but totally forgiving and willing to die for people way worse than him. How many of us can forgive even the tiniest things? Until I found myself in similar circumstances, I couldn't forgive wrongs against me. And yet, Jesus could and did. He understood and forgave, and that was that. It's not really amazing until you try to do it yourself.

I don't know if I'm becoming more 'Christian', per se, but I feel myself really warming up to Jesus. 

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I've always been all about if there was such a person as Jesus, all the more power to him. I don't doubt there was someone that kind and pure in the world, I'll like to believe people like that exist still. It's just when they start saying things like son of God, is God, he can turn water into wine, and walks on water that I get all skeptical.

I can always agree with the good morals and way of life Christians tries to preach... but when they force on the fact I have to love God to receive the "benefits" per say then I just can't accept it. If God loves everyone, He should love me too regardless if I acknowledge him right?

Okay I went off on a tangent there. xD But yes, yay to Jesus being
all forgiving =)

Yeah, I agree with you. That's part of why I sometimes struggle with the concept of Christianity. As much as I feel myself getting more and more attached to the concept of God, I sometimes have mixed feelings about the doctrines and specific beliefs.

Religion is a tricky dance between what I think and feel and what the Bible says. :/

i think regardless of if there is truth to christianity or not, it is a fantastic way to live. Good morals and way of life, it is a life of constant conviction, but it keeps you humble and less judgmental.

whether or not there is a heaven that we will go to when we die if we are "good enough"... isn't it a nice thought for us to strive for? Living a life with good morals and believing that death isn't something bad because you get to have eternal life in heaven with God, even if it isn't true in the end.. it is a great state of mind to have while you are living life.

there was a reason that I wanted to reply to your comment, but i got lost somewhere in the midst of that and forgot what part of your comment I was supposed to tie in there. :]

No I agree, it's a great thing to strive for. Except I would like to think I just want to be a good person overall. Someone with good morals and not scared of death, because I have played my part and had a great life. I just think I can be those things without having to be Christian or believe in God. I know most Christians aren't extremists and does not force their beliefs on others. It only bugs me when people tell me I should believe in God to be saved/to be in heaven with Him. If I do not, then I will not be forgiven for my sins and go to hell. Just because I don't believe doesn't make me a bad person right?

Haha no worries =) It's always great to hear another point of view.

This is exactly the kind of post I needed to see all week.
Thank you for submitting this. <3
I really need to learn how to forgive more often.

<3 I'm glad it helped you. :)

I think EVERYONE struggles with finding the balance of what you believe is real and what the bible says.
I can't tell you how many times I have questioned the science of religion. some things match up, other things don't... BUT... it isn't faith if you only believe what you see.

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