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Carrots <3
Thank you to newinmyhometown . <3 You're a sweetheart. You know why. ;D

So, my burst of emoness has died down and the sunshine is all bright and sparkley again. I'm usually pretty cheerful, but I guess I have a tendency to get really down in the dumps sometimes, especially about my relationships, since I'm pretty insecure about them.

I'm eating carrots like a maniac. You have no idea. I have this huuuuge bag and and and it's so good! So crunchy and magical. :3

I went to the most amazing BBQ this weekend~

It was hosted by a friend of Neethan's. :D There were tons of people there, so I didn't talk to the host a ton, but he gives the vibe of a really upstanding sort of guy, you know?

BUT ABOUT THE BBQ. The guy hosted it at his cottage, which is basically three or eighty times bigger than my house. And he had a little pond/lake on his property

and an island

and a bridge to said island

covered in pretty jellybean lights!

So basically, it was amazing. He cooked everyone burgers and there was soccer and board games and chit-chatting and smores and boat rides and frogs and giant koi fish and snapping turtles and everything wonderful.

So basically what I'm saying is that I really want to go camping, pronto. 

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I get mega bummed out about relationship stuff, too. It's hard NOT to be insecure about it. Relationships involve another person and you can't predict or know what the other person is thinking or feeling ever. It's stressful!


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