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Hey internets!
Finally back to LJing after a fairly epic hiatus. The whole break up thing was kinda world shattering, as lame as that sounds. Still not totally over everything, but I'mma gettin' there. Thank you to everyone who helped me through it. <3

Right now I'm on a co-op term at school, so I'm a'workin' and making money and stuff. I have an office with a door with my name on it and everything! How fancy is that? :D :D :D

I'm seeing a new guy named Neethan and he's pretty much amazing. One of those whole package kinda guys: smart, funny, sweet, humble, loyal, considerate, all of that. It's hard adjusting to the new relationship, considering I still have strong feelings for Dan, but I'm trying to just ease myself into things.

Oh, and I have a Nintendo DSi so that I can become a Pokemon Master! Gonna catch 'em all! Heck yes.

Er, kind of dull post, but I gotta get back into the swing of this. So... Hi everyone. Thanks for not deleting me off your flists. :D
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Having a world-shattering break up is not lame at all. ♥ Neither is work (yay!) and Pokemon and new boytoys~

What is lame is how you're never around anymore :(

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